Personalized Medicine is the next level of care for patients seeking to optimize their health. Let us customize a care plan to address your unique needs and goals.

A Personal Point of View

Personalized Medicine brings together the most advanced screening methods, research and physician care to create a unique, patient-specific treatment plan. The ultimate goal is to not only enhance current health, but also predict and prevent future ailments and dysfunctions.

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Our experienced primary care physicians provide complete healthcare to patients of all ages.


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Saira Dar M.D. Primary Care Medical Services

Saira Dar, M.D.

Hi. I'm Saira Dar, M.D.

Primary Care & Personalized Medicine Provider
For interested patients, elective advanced screenings that go beyond the scope of primary care can give a more detailed health profile and inform a plan to achieve optimal health and function. The goal of Personalized Medicine is to enhance whole-body health, and predict and prevent future ailments and dysfunctions. The more I can learn about a patient through this process, the better I can support their health and wellness goals.”