Personalized Medicine

Advanced Care for Optimal Health

Smart Health & Wellness Centers offer next-level healthcare delivered by our Personalized Medicine providers, who utilize advanced screenings and the latest medical research to create unique care plans for patients interested in this specialized service.

Saira Dar, M.D.

Hi. I'm Saira Dar, M.D.

Personalized Medicine Provider
For interested patients, elective advanced screenings that go beyond the scope of primary care can give a more detailed health profile and inform a plan to achieve optimal health and function. The goal of Personalized Medicine is to enhance whole-body health, and predict and prevent future ailments and dysfunctions. The more I can learn about a patient through this process, the better I can support their health and wellness goals.

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Dr. Saira Dar is the absolute best, she is a walking angel! I am so blessed to have found her, or my health would have taken a turn for the worse. Now I understand why labs are so important! Dr. Dar is attentive and kind and will take all the time you need with her. Thank you so much, Dr. Dar!


Dr.Dar, has changed me, and my family's lives for the better! Absolutely an amazing doctor who takes the time to learn you, your body and then guides you to correcting the issues at hand. If you even think you may have food allergies she is the best!


Living in US for Past 10 yrs for the first time I finally found Dr.Dar the only doctor who came to find all the issues that I m having on and off ...She’s the best doctor ... very understanding and friendly and most of very practical 🥰I would highly recommend her specially if you think you’re having any auto immune issues.


Great Work to Dr Saira Dar with helping patients with Age Management Medicine and Primary Care. From your friends at America’s Family Doctors 🙂


I just started going to Dr. Dar and for the first time in 3 years a Dr. said to me "I can do that for you". She took time to get to know me and asked me the right questions. So I'm very impressed with her. She's a tiny thing but powerful in knowledgeable and newer diseases, technology, education and I believe she will be a wonderful asset to an already great team of Dr's, Specialist and professional staff. Truly updated in her education and knowledge! Finally! I recommend Dr. Dar or any Dr. on staff with Smart Neuro Health & Wellness Center in McKinney, Tx.

What is Personalized Medicine

Integrating Nutrition, Genomics and Medicine

Personalized Medicine is based on functional and integrative medicine principles that view a disease state as a result of many imbalances and an imbalance causing many diseases. We aim to address the root causes of various imbalances to improve your healthspan. At SMART, we feel an obligation to improve your quality of life and maximize your healthspan.

Male patient talking to a female doctor, portrait.
Doctors and patients sit and talk to the patient about medication. At the table near the window in the hospital.

Personalized Medicine Services

  • Primary Care Services

  • Routine Care Management

  • Acute Care

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Weight Management Services

  • Gut Health Testing and Treatment

  • Age Management Services

  • Hormone Balance Testing and Services

  • Brain Health and much more.

Patient Testing Services

Below is a list of some of the tests offered for a typical Visit. Not all patients need all the tests. Based on your individualized needs, preferences, and goals, some of these tests can be included in your evaluation. A comprehensive management plan is designed thereafter.

Testing Services for SMART

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