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Personalized Medicine

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Advanced Care for Optimal Health

Smart Health & Wellness Centers offer next-level healthcare delivered by our Personalized Medicine providers, who utilize advanced screenings and the latest medical research to create unique care plans for patients interested in this specialized service.

Personalized Medicine

  • Nutritional screening
  • Metabolic screening
  • Genomic screening and counseling
  • Hormone screening and replacement

Weight Management

Resolve body image and weight-related issues with a comprehensive diet evaluation and customized exercise plan supervised by your provider.

Allergy and Immunology

Evaluate, address and treat food and environmental allergies as well as autoimmune illnesses and other chronic conditions that impact good health.


This specialized care offering is an advanced service that incorporates screening and analysis of patient-specific data, resulting in a Personalized Medicine care plan that optimizes health and wellness.

A Step Towards Better Health

Let us support your health goals with care options.

Electing to undergo Personalized Medicine advanced screenings is a personal decision that depends on many factors. Have a conversation with your physician in order to make an informed decision. Whether or not you choose to undergo these advanced screenings, Smart Health & Wellness Centers are committed to providing you with the best possible care.

Evidence-Based Care

We support patient wellness and manage acute health conditions through the use of proven, evidence-based care.

Progress Measurement

We document changes in patient health using the latest medical technology. Testing and monitoring are essential in order to measure progress and outcomes.

Care Coordination with PCP

We emphasize communication as key to patient wellness and positive outcomes. Through our team approach and utilizing a common patient record, our providers are able to deliver a focused treatment plan and communicate seamlessly.

Saira Dar M.D. Primary Care Medical Services

Saira Dar, M.D.

Hi. I'm Saira Dar, M.D.

Personalized Medicine Provider
For interested patients, elective advanced screenings that go beyond the scope of primary care can give a more detailed health profile and inform a plan to achieve optimal health and function. The goal of Personalized Medicine is to enhance whole-body health, and predict and prevent future ailments and dysfunctions. The more I can learn about a patient through this process, the better I can support their health and wellness goals.”

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