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Nancy Donachie, M.D. General Psychiatry

"We are excited to offer this free guide to understanding treatments for depression. Please use this guide as a reference when speaking to your mental health provider regarding your depression."

Nancy Donachie, M.D. - CMO, SMART Health and Wellness Centers

What You'll Learn

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What is Depression

Depression affects approximately 7.1% of the adult US Population. This eBook will help you to better understand what depression is, what causes depression, and how depression affects each person differently.

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Treatment Options Available

The road to recovery starts by working with your psychiatric provider. In this eBook you will find general overviews of different treatment options for depression. Make sure to speak with your provider about the different treatment options.

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Speaking with your provider regarding your treatment

You have been diagnosed with depression. What now? Remember you are not alone. This eBook will talk about the next steps in finding treatment and the importance of seeking treatment early.