Care Navigator Team

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What is the Care Navigator Team?

Our Care Navigator team guides you through your treatment plan and is your contact point for all questions and coordination you need.

We practice a team approach here. You should expect to interact with social workers, medical assistants, navigators, medical physicians, and nurse practitioners, who will work closely together and work with you to carry out your treatment plan.

What does the Care Navigator Team Do?

Connect you to Services

Our team is here to help you successfully navigate your behavioral health care, and make it easy. Whether you have questions about the services your provider referred you for, how to get insurance coverage or anything in between. We are here to help.

Education and Engage

Behavioral Health is difficult to navigate on your own, our Care Navigators will provide information, education and answer your questions to help you understand and get the most benefit from your treatment options and testing.

Coordination of Care

Comprehensive treatment planning can include several different treatment options and testing. Your Care Navigator coordinates everything you need with scheduling, understanding your out-of-pocket cost and working with our in-house insurance team so that you can stay focused on getting better.

What Services Can The Care Navigator Team Assist You With?

An assessment to see how well your brain is processing information and how your body is physically responding to stress.

A variety of computerized Test that can assess cognitive functions such as working memory, attention, concentration, and processing speed.

For many patients this is reoccurring ongoing condition that impacts your emotional, physical, and cognitive states.

A viable treatment option that is clinically appropriate after 1-2 failed antidepressants.

One Size Fits All Isn't Modern Medicine

Learn More About Our Treatment Resistant Depression Program

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One Size Fits All Isn't Modern Medicine

Learn More About Our Treatment Resistant Depression Program

What to expect

On Your First Appointment

Your care and treatment outcomes are our highest priority. Your initial appointment will be your longest to ensure that we collect all the information that is essential to make accurate diagnostic assessments and optimize your treatment planning.

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